We now have the ability to invade our body and make changes that we assume will enhance our feelings of self-esteem and euphoria.

There are many women who experience negative feelings, due to the appearance of their clitoris, for many reasons. The truth is that there is no reason to feel uncomfortably for any part of our body. However, we always have our personal right to improve our body and make changes that we consider important,in order to boost our feelings of self-esteem and euphoria.

When it comes to gynecological issues, the clitoris plastic surgery, comes to eradicate any unpleasant feeling of women in connection with the appearance of their clitoris.

Excessive skin in the clitoris, or a bigger projection, is something unwanted and annoying to some women. This may be hereditary, or due to rubbing against clothes, or due to exposure to androgens, or even due to polycystic ovaries syndrome.

A few words about the procedure

  • clitoris plastic surgery is a simple and short procedure
  • after the procedure you return immediately to your daily routine
  • it happens with the use of a specific laser machine at the doctor’s office
  • operation lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes
  • we can have local or general anesthesia
  • they use of the specific laser aims at getting a perfect aesthetic result without scars or marks.