Through hymen plastic surgery we have the convergence of hymen tissues.

Ο παρθενικός υμένας είναι μια μεμβράνη που βρίσκεται σχεδόν στην είσοδο του κόλπου.

To women who haven’t yet started sexual activity, their hymen is usually intact. However when they become sexually active in combination with some intense physical activity such as exercise or bike riding there is a chance that the hymen may be altered. This can also happen because of injury or fall.

  • after the operation of restoring the hymen there is a convergence of the hymen tissue.
  • self-absorbed  stitches are used
  • procedure lasts 30 to 45 minutes with local anesthesia
  • the woman may immediately return to her daily activities
  • it is recommended that sexual intercourse be avoided for a month in order to achieve best results