IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION) is the procedure during which the ovum and the sperm are fertilised in a specialised laboratory,by experienced scientific staff. The fertilized ovum (embryo) is developing, and after a few days, it is transferred back to the uterus. If you are under 35 years old, have often sexual encounters, approximately twice or three times a week, without precautions, during your fertile days, but still haven’t succeeded in getting impregnated for over a year now, you will have to resort to the solution of IVF. This method has annually helped thousands of couples struggling with fertility issues, to make their dream come true and have a child of their own.

Aesthetic Gynecology

Over the recent years, aesthetic gynecology, also introducing reconstructive plastic surgery for the sensitive woman’s area, is getting more and more popular. Contemporary woman is constantly getting informed not only about the prevention and good care of their sensitive area, but also about their general well-being and emotional situation. The results of aesthetic gynecology can improve sexual life and the confidence of every woman, offering solutions of impeccable aesthetic result.

Fertility preservation

Scientific progress has enabled women to freeze time and prolong fertility, in case they wish to delay having children. Up until a few years ago, fertility prolonging methods such as ovum freezing and ovum tissue freezing, used to be an issue mostly for women who went under treatments affecting their fertility. Today, all techniques in order to prolong fertility, are one of the biggest and most effective accomplishments in IVF, allowing thousands of women all over the world to become mothers the moment they wish to.


Quite a few women daily, experience intense anxiety concerning their social life and their hygiene, on the issue of urinary incontinence, which rises as a very delicate and also important issue, concerning its research by the medical world and not only for it alone. In Greece, according to a recent study, three out of 10 women are dealing with some kind of urinary incontinence, therefore becoming sensitive on this issue and striving for immediate solution, has become an important priority to all the people who are involved in all fields of health.

Dr- Koufomixail Vassilis

Dr. Vasileios Koufomichail
Obstetrician- surgeon gynecologist
Mcs. University of Athens
Specialised in assisted reproduction.

”Science has now a lot to offer to women’s health. Treatments that used to be impossible in the past, are now routine, endowing a woman with better health, better chances to become a mother or improve their sexual life’’

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