A mild and alternative solution to IVF

A mild and alternative solution to IVF

With the term “mini IVF treatment or micro IVF“, we mean the protocol of minimum stimulation of ovaries in IVF. It is a mild alternative IVF solution.

During this method, women receive through the mouth, very few medicines to stimulate ovaries, in order to produce the maximum number of good quality ova, in just one menstruating cycle. In some cases, injections are also prescribed, which do not particularly differ, in comparison to those of traditional IVF method.

During this procedure, three to five high quality ova are produced, in comparison with traditional IVF, where we can produce 7 to 15 ova, some of which though, are of poor quality.


When does mini IVF concern me?

It is appropriate for women:

  • of failing attempts with classic IVF method
  • who have had cancer in the past
  • of older reproductive age (over 42)
  • of minimum results to hormonal stimulation in previous IVF treatments, and women who have very low ovary backup (less than 1ng).
  • who are faced with high risk of developing ovary hyperstimulation syndrome.